Journey to Creativity

Welcome to the journey!

The universal need to be creative lives in all of us. To make, to create, to dream. Come along with me as we discover new ways to open up to the beauty of life that surrounds us.

I am new to this journey after having spent 20 years in the real estate industry. I have raised three daughters, who in addition to having successful careers, paint, draw and write. My husband is a photography buff who is also nourishing his own journey to creativity, capturing the moments of life…one still shot at a time. Through the years I have had sparks of creativity but lacked the time to pursue them for any length of time. Now, in middle age I have reawakened to the world around me. It is never to late to start, just start!

We have two cats in our household and they are an endless source of entertainment. Buddy, our Hemingway cat, is too smart for his own good. He tries to teach Lexi how to open doors. She is not impressed.

So, my journey to creativity has led me to watercolor painting. Yours may be writing, sewing, needlepoint, gardening, pottery, house designing, interior decorating, or any myriad of creative paths to enlightenment. Share with me, share with all those who desire to make a better world, starting with our own little corner of it. And in the words of Goethe:

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. “

Wolfgang Von Johann Goethe

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