The Apple Orchard

Oh, the sight of apple trees in spring!

In spring, the farm would come alive with hints of pink everywhere throughout the apple orchard. Painting apple blossoms reminded me of days long past, when the apple trees would bloom and everything seemed fresh, new, and full of promise.

I took advice from Louise De Masi on painting white flowers in watercolor and it seemed to work out well enough.

I used Permanent Rose, Ultramarine Blue, and Winsor Lemon watercolors. I used mixtures of those three colors to create the greens and grays seen in the painting. Painted in landscape orientation on 10 x 14 Arches cold pressed watercolor paper.

From Pencil to finished Painting:

The apple trees from the days of our farm are long gone. Someone bought my grandmothers house years ago though and planted new apple trees. The last time I traveled out that way they looked healthy and strong. I enjoyed seeing them. Grandma would like that, knowing that someone had taken over the planting of the orchard and soon there will be new apples to pick.



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