Bee Eater

The original angry bird.

Most species of Bee Eaters ae found in Africa and Asia, with a few found in southern Europe, Australia, & New Guinea. I find it incredible that they are able to catch bees on the fly and eat them. See them in action in this short YouTube clip below.

Reference photos can be found on Unsplash and I have provided a link for you within the photo.

Painted on Arches 300 lb. 10 x 14 Cold Pressed paper using the following colors:


Cobalt Turquoise

Burnt Sienna

French Ultramarine

Lamp Black

Lemon Yellow

Qunacridone Gold

Some of the painting techniques I used are explained in the video provided by Louise De Masi

One of these days, my husband and I plan to travel to different areas of the world to see these and other birds for ourselves. It’s on the list and the list is getting longer. I say we should get started! Shall we?

Happy birding!



  1. A lovely painting of this amazing bird, Helen & thank you for including the videos, too ~ have a great day 🌞🌹

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