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Olivetti Valentine

Well, let me tell you about a walk I took recently with my daughters in Columbus, Ohio. We were out exploring without a plan in mind, just seeing which way the wind blew us. We ended up on North High Street in Columbus. Our noses led us to our first stop which was Jeni’s ice cream shop and it smelled exactly like a bakery. Here is a link to her blog: https://jenis.com/blog/ Oh my goodness, I have never had ice cream like that before, it is worth the drive from Morgantown to Columbus just to have another ice cream cone.

We ate our ice cream, continuing to stroll in and out of shops, till we walked right by a shop that caught my attention. An old typewriter sat perched on empty crates, paper in the carriage, beckoning all who passed by to type a word or two. The paper blowing in the breeze is what caught my eye. I called out, “Hey guys, wait up, let’s go in here!”


On Paper is the store which started my exploration of Olivetti typewriters. https://www.facebook.com/onpaperohio/photos/?ref=page_internal

It all started simple enough. I walked in and browsed around, finding the boxed card section. I purchased a box of cards and a Micron pen, brought them home and didn’t think much more about it until I needed a card. Opening the box, I found the following information sheet about Olivetti Lettera 32. Those Italians! They even make typewriters look sexy!

I delved deeper into this mystery and discovered the Instagram page for On Paper. https://www.instagram.com/onpaperohio/

Lo and behold within their Instagram feed, I found they had a lipstick red Olivetti in the store! I messaged them but found out it was long gone, she said it was sold shortly after they got it. I can certainly see why.

According to La Force, T. (2009, December 7). Great Writer, Great Machine. The New Yorker, in 2009 Cormac McCarty’s Olivetti Lettera 32 sold for $254,500 at Christie’s auction.

I don’t need one, I don’t even know where I would put it. I would not use it. But I surely would have bought it. Oh yes indeed, I would’ve. Just to look at it. But I don’t have $254,500 to spend on a famous one! So, maybe keep my eye out for a not so famous one for now.

Happy travels and until next time Columbus, I will see you for an ice cream and some paper goods.


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