Sea Turtle

Hey Little Dude!

Finding Nemo, 2003. One of the best animated films of all time. I loved watching the movie with my youngest daughter and we loved the turtles.

Painting a sea turtle reminded me of watching this movie with her. It took me back to the memory of her little baby giggles during the scenes with the surfer dude turtle.

From Pencil to Painting:

Reference photo courtesy of Photographer Kevin Wolf, Unsplash:

Painted on 9 in x 12 in 300 lb Arches Watercolor Pad, using the following colors:

Winsor Violet, Naples Yellow, Paynes Gray, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Winsor Orange, Cadmium Red, Indigo Blue, and Cobalt Blue.

Until next time and in the words of Dory,

“Just keep swimming”



  1. A splendid Sea Turtle watercolor painting, dear Helen ~ and, wonderful family recollections. Thanks for sharing & have a nice Thursday 😊🌹

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