The Flamboyant Flamingo!

They aren’t just tacky lawn ornaments anymore.

When you think of flamingos you think of Florida but they originated from Massachusetts. According to an article in House Beautiful there are 5 other interesting facts about flamingos.

Fun Fact #1 The creator and his wife wore matching outfits, sewn by her and often in flamingo patterned fabrics.

Fun Fact #2 The original sculpture was modeled after a picture the creator saw in the National Geographic.

Fun Fact #3They are still made in the United States.

Fun Fact #4 They are in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

Fun Fact #5 You’ve been flocked! Flocking occurs when someone fills your lawn with a group of plastic pink flamingos.

I loved the bright colors of this painting. It brought some much needed color to a white winter’s day. Reference photos used:

Painted on 10 x 14 inch, 140 lb. Watercolor Board using the following watercolors: Burnt Sienna, French Ultramarine, Permanent Magenta, Permanent Rose, Scarlet Lake and Transparent Pyrrol Orange.

It would be nice to head for sunny weather and drop in on this place in Florida:

Now, where’s my suitcase?

Have great Monday everyone! Wonder what the neighbors would think if I put a pink flamingo or twelve out on the front lawn this summer?



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