Birds of the Garden-Common Yellowthroat

Witchety-Witchety-Witchety! The distinctive call of the male as he attempts to attract a female. Somehow I don’t think this call would work for me…Hear his mighty little voice in this 32 second clip:

This is the last bird in the series I have painted for the WV Botanic Garden. My husband photographed each of the 10 birds that I created for this series which will be used in the Botanic Gardens spring children’s program. We sent high resolution photos and pencil sketches in a shared folder for the instructors to use in the “Bird Exploration Backpack” series. It was a joy to collaborate with my husband over the past two months to bring this project to life. It makes us both happy to know that children will be learning from our work in the spring.

For this painting I used a combination of two reference photos as seen below:

Pencil Sketch and finished painting:

All in all, it was a challenging project and I am glad that I agreed to do it. Little did my husband know that he was going to be pulled into this project also! But I have learned a lot about birds and I have been able to expand and improve my painting techniques along the way.

Onward and upward to the next project, I have so many things I want to paint!

Till next time,


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