Birds of the Garden-White Breasted Nuthatch

Noisy little birds, they get their name from the way they crack open seeds. They are very entertaining to watch as they scamper up and down trees.

I painted this bird at the request of the WV Botanic Garden, one of the last few I have to do for the children’s program.

The reference photo was taken by Jack Bulmer and can be downloaded from Pixabay.

This little cutie was painted using Paynes Gray, French Ultramarine, Windsor Red, Sap Green, Yellow Ochre, Gold Ochre, Lamp Black, and Raw Sienna.

For the final step in the children’s series, my husband will taking digital photographs to be sent along with my pencil sketches to the Botanic Garden. They will use these in their teaching packets for the children coming out this spring.

Oh Spring! It’s just around the corner, right?

Happy Birding,


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