Birds of the Garden-Eastern Towhee

“Eat your peas!” Hear it shouted from the treetops from this sweet bird. My daughter hates peas so she prefers to hear it say “Drink your tea!” We often hear these birds when we walk the trail along the river, but rarely do we see them. But last year on one of our walks at Prickett’s Fort State Park, , we heard and saw many of them. It was exciting to hear her say, ‘Look, there’s another one!”

The eastern towhee is another painting request from the WV Botanic Garden for the children’s series. I sketched and painted it this weekend from a reference photo found on Pixabay and taken by Miles Moody.

The final bird in this series to be painted is the white-breasted nuthatch. Perhaps I will get to that later in the week. But for now, I will heed the calling of “Drink your tea” and go brew a cup.

Happy Monday everyone!


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  1. Thanks for the picture. I am only familiar with the Californian towhee.

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