Little Boy Blue

The Age of Innocence.

Little Boy Blue” is an English-language nursery rhyme, often used in popular culture. I immediately thought of this nursery rhyme when I began to paint this little boy.

Destined to steal hearts, this little boy in blue had me at the word ‘go’. I had to paint this little fellow. I discovered him through Louise De Masi and her tutorial on painting denim:

I downloaded the reference photo and set to work. It took me a few mornings to complete but what fun he was to create.

Reference photo available for free download on and was taken by photographer Nathan Dumlao

Painted on 10 x 14 inch Arches Cold Pressed Watercolor Block, 130 lb. The following Winsor & Newton and Daniel Smith watercolors were used: Burnt Sienna, French Ultramarine, Grey Mix made of Burnt Sienna and French Ultramarine, Gamboge, Paynes Grey, Prussian Blue, Scarlet Lake, Sepia and Van Dyke Brown.

To the age of innocence,

To the little ones of the world,




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    Msdedeng says:

    Such a cute subject, and oh, your talent is refreshing.

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