American Bald Eagle

Inauguration Day, the Bald Eagle, symbol of strength and freedom for our country. I thought it fitting to paint this majestic beauty for today.

Inspiration for the painting came from De Masi The reference photo is found on Pixabay and taken by photographer Nancy McCrae (link in photo)

I used a salt wash technique on the feather portion of this painting to give texture to the body of the bird. I used the sea salt from our kitchen, which left my husband ( wondering where it was! You can see by his blog that he is not only the photographer of our family but the chef also.

I thought of many things as I painted this Eagle. How young our country really is, how we are a nation still growing, building on freedom and hope. As we enter this new day, I bring you the words from the nations poet laureate, Amanda Gorman. She will be speaking today at the inauguration.

I will be listening.

I take comfort and encouragement from her words in “Live United.”

Let’s take care of each other out there. Let us live… United.



  1. I only discovered her today at the inauguration. This girl is special and her name will be known and be remembered for long.
    And your art is of course excellent!

  2. Your birds always turn out so good! Do you ever paint pets for commission? I’ve been thinking about getting our dogs painted before they pass, and I really like your style!

    1. I haven’t done that yet πŸ™‚ but I have thought about it. If you want to send me a few pictures, I will take a look to see if I can do them justice! my email is if you want to share their photos with me. And thank you for liking my work! It means so much to me πŸ™

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