Crow-The Great Queen

In Irish mythology, the crow was seen as a deity. She would fly over a battlefield, calling out encouragement to the warriors below. They called her Morrigan, the Great Queen. (The Crow in Irish Mythology)

I have eyed a tutorial by Louise De Masi for quite some time, but felt I needed to master the mixing of black watercolor before I attempted it. The full crow tutorial is available through her Patreon site with a paid subscription. However, I have included the corresponding YouTube video on her technique for mixing paint colors:

Progress photos:

I sheltered an injured crow once for a few days. It frightened me at first, but it had a calmness about it. She studied me, she trusted me, and when she was well enough, she flew away. It was one of those unexplainable relationships, a relationship without words. It was a relationship built on helping and trust and I have never forgotten it. I know from that brief encounter just how intelligent crows are. There are many clips and videos that demonstrate their ability to solve problems and make their own tools:

I began my week with a blackbird painting so it seemed fitting to end the week with another one. Many crows visit the woods behind my office and I enjoy seeing them. I have a better appreciation for them now. When I spoke to my Dad about the crows he told me about how he feeds the same ones every day. They watch for him and he watches for them. That makes me happy.

I hope you have a happy day too.



  1. Not sure which I love the most: the painting, or the story about the crow. Both are great and I have heard that before, a crow’s intelligence. In fact, an American author in the mid-19th century metaphorically symbolized the crow as an industrious American. Anyway, awesome work, Helen.

      1. Love what you wrote: ” it snows…I paint” Keep doing that, whatever the weather presents to you. Take care, my friend! πŸ™‚

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