How Now Little Owl

This little guy came to me through Louise De Masi. She recently demonstrated the wet on wet technique that I talk about so much and she used this little guy as the subject matter. I have included a link to her YouTube video that pulled me in:

My owl was painted on 100% cotton, 10 x 14 inch, 140 lb Arches cold pressed watercolor paper. I used the following watercolors: Lamp Black, Sepia, Van Dyke Brown and instead of the Antwerp blue that Louise uses, I mixed my own blue using Cobalt Blue combined with Prussian Blue. I provide links to the paper and paints that I use on my Supplies page if you are interested in trying them out.

You may remember the Barn Owl that I sketched and painted from another one of my posts, It was a bit more complicated than this little fellow and took longer to complete. This owl painting had less detail and did not take quite as long to finish.

I love seeing the birds in the wild. However, that is not always feasible, so a spring visit to the National Aviary in Pittsburgh is in the works. My husband and I visited once before and yearn to go back for a second visit.

The reference photo used for this painting received courtesy of Pixabay and was taken by Wildlife Photographer Radovan Zierik. It is free for download and I have included it here:

To all my birding friends:

Happy Birding!



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