Birds of the Garden Series: Tufted Titmouse

Matilde the Tufted Titmouse. Well, I am back at it again, working on the Birds of the Garden series for the WV Botanic Garden. The birds of the garden is a teaching series the Botanic Garden has for children. Next in the series is the sketching and painting of the Tufted Titmouse. Below is the sketch I created from the reference photo from Pixabay which was taken by photographer Jack Bulmer. I reversed the photo, sketched an outline, then painted with watercolor on 8 x 12 inch watercolor paper.

I got to thinking that since I am providing the sketch and painting for the children, wonder if there might be any children’s books that might go along with this series? And guess what I found on Amazon? A simple illustrated book for children ages 2-10 available as a Kindle download for only 99 cents! I have provided the Amazon link if anyone is interested:

So, why DO they call it a titmouse?

According to Wikipedia: The name titmouse is recorded from the 14th century, composed of the Old English name for the bird, mase (Proto-Germanic *maison, Dutch mezen, German Meise), and tit, denoting something small. The former spelling, “titmose”, was influenced by mouse in the 16th century.

So, this little bird is finished and joins the other paintings that I have completed so far in this series:

In addition to the Tufted Titmouse, I have finished:

American Goldfinch

Indigo Bunting

Black-Capped Chicadee

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Next up on the list: The Red Winged Blackbird!

In the meantime, I need to fill the bird feeder. Happy Monday everyone!



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    Laura Kate says:

    Lovely birds! Can you tell me what watercolor paper you are using?

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