A Puppy for Christmas

1969 was the year and Hooray for Leather was the doll! She was the Barbie I wanted, and this was the year Santa delivered! Oh! She had bendable knees and a moveable waist! She had a string to pull to make her talk and best of all, she had a yellow leather (pleather) skirt!

So when I saw the painting of the puppy wearing a Santa hat, it made me think of Christmases past and all the things that kids want this time of year. It made me think of the time I wanted a Barbie doll for Christmas. For a boy, I would compare it with wanting a Red Ryder BB gun. As for me, I didn’t think a genuine Barbie doll would come, there were 5 kids after all, we all wanted something, and money didn’t grow on trees don’t ya know. But there she was! Somewhere in dusty photo albums from years past is a photo of me holding my prized Barbie in front of the Christmas tree. Every year Mom would line her kids up in front of the tree with their favorite gifts so she could snap a picture. I did find a picture of my brothers, in plaid pants and patterned shirts and you guessed it, holding on to their BB guns for dear life, giddy as any boy could be over a bb gun.

The inspiration for this Dachshund in a Santa hat painting came from a tutorial by watercolor artist De Masi. I have provided link to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXOdocIfuiU I also provided my line drawing above to download if you would like to paint, sketch, or color your own. The photo reference is from Erda Estremera on Unsplash.

I thought of all the little children eagerly waiting to open gifts on Christmas morning as I painted this little doggie. It’s been a tough year, they and their parents deserve some joy come Christmas morn; as much joy and innocence as you see in the picture above of my little brothers.

So whether you want a puppy, a doll or a bb gun, dare to dream, maybe this will be the year. But not the BB gun, you’ll shoot your eye out kid!

Merry Christmas everyone!



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