Meet Gerald the Giraffe

It was supposed to be a lighthearted weekend of sketching and painting but this sexy beast took me about 8 hours to complete. He has eyelashes to rival the Kardashians! It was a fun painting to do though and I worked on him in fits and starts, 15 minutes here, half hour there until I finished up with the last few touches this morning.

The guidelines for the giraffe are from one of De Masi’s older Skillshare videos. You can find links to her websites and YouTube page via my links page. I used her reference photo to paint this fellow:

I painted the giraffe on Arches 140lb, 9 x 12 inch watercolor paper using the following Winsor Newton watercolor paints:

Sepia, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Gold Ochre, Quinacridone Gold, Potters Pink and White Gouache. I used my mechanical pencil to sketch in the painting first then erased lines during the process of painting.

Happy Monday! It’s the start of a holiday week and I am looking forward to time off with my family, hope you are too!



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