Winter Walk in Watercolor

I started my weekend planning to paint a few pictures to use as holiday postcards. I came up with a few by searching through some of my favorite watercolorists on YouTube and here is what I came up with:

The winter walk tutorial is by a new painter I happened to find during my online search. His site is titled “Paint With David”. (Link in photo)

The Birch Trees in Winter can be found on Peter Sheeler’s site (link in photo) I liked it well enough, but thought it needed more color for a postcard. I may try that one again but bump up the color intensity, maybe add a cardinal?

The barn in winter painting reminded me of winters growing up on the farm. I liked it so much that I painted it also. The tutorial is by one of my favorite Line and Colorwash artists: Peter Sheeler, and it can be viewed by clicking the link at the bottom of the photo.

And for a little fun, here is a tribute to the holiday classic movie “A Christmas Story.” I included an Amazon link at the bottom of the photo to the desk size lamp I bought. It sits in my sunroom and the neighbors have all enjoyed seeing it. If you are adventurous enough, you can always buy the full size one! Or if you are adventurous and crafty, you can make your own leg lamp by watching this how-to video on YouTube:

It’s that time of year though, when we wax nostalgic, thinking of home, our loved ones near and far, those with us and those that have passed. With limited holiday visiting this year, spread a little cheer wherever you can.

Hope you get to enjoy time with your loved ones this year. Bake goodies, watch fun movies, and if it snows where you are: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! As for me, I am planning to watch the movie “A Christmas Story” next weekend with my family…




  1. Wonderful post, Helen! Your new paintings, that “audacious” lamp, and much cheering for Christmas. Have a blast during the season and be safe! Thank you!

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