O Christmas Tree

Joe n’ Throw Pottery Classes. I have talked about them before in my Gnome blog post. https://art-for-arts-sake.com/2020/10/21/build-what/ Last December, my daughter and I went to the Christmas tree class. A little intimidating at first, but they have small classes and wonderful instructors. They helped us roll out the clay and then we were off and running.

Using cookie cutters, x-acto knives, punch tools, and our bare hands, we formed our trees. We were there several hours, working away a cold winter afternoon. Once the trees were finished, they were left to cure before being dipped and fired in the kiln. If you prefer, you can come back to hand paint them, but we preferred the look of the dipped trees. We were able to pick our trees up several weeks later. Below is a picture of our finished trees.

I have included a few of the other creations from the month of December 2019. We have some very creative local talent here in North Central WV.

Our local Joe n’ Throw has a calendar up for the month of December 2020 but check before heading out there. https://www.facebook.com/jntclasses/photos They may be booking only small family groups or not at all depending on current state restrictions. The shop is small so we rarely had more than 8 folks in there at a time anyway. They do book individual and family appointments at very economical prices. And you are welcome to have a cup of Joe while you are there! They also serve salads, pastries and sandwiches. I have included their current calendar below:

If going to a local pottery class is out of the question for you, check out Michaels online for fun family kits https://www.michaels.com/

And also check out Amazon https://amzn.to/37S3jSM for this Christmas tree and other Christmas craft kits.

Happy December crafting and creativity everyone!


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