Birds of the Garden

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This week has found me continuing to to work on Bird paintings and sketches for the Botanic Garden. I will be working on these off and on until spring. I love drawing and painting birds though so it is a fun winter project for me. I plan to include the pen and pencil drawings for the children to use as coloring pages.

I have included the pen drawing below.

I always start out sketching with the least confidence. I begin by using my mechanical pencil, then switch to the Micron pen when I feel like I have settled into the process.

I follow along with Peter Sheeler’s video. He has such calming YouTube videos. He uses pleasant back ground music, doesn’t chatter incessantly, and just quietly sketches and paints. It’s a great way to spend the early morning hours. To work during the stillness of the morning before the world awakens is heaven to me. I have included Peter’s video link below. His music of choice for this painting is a piece from Purple Planet. It is royalty free music for folks to use. I think that is pretty cool.

My husband and I often see this little bird when we take our weekend walks. It is easier to spot now that the shrubs have lost their leaves. It’s little self flits in and out the shrubs calling out “Chick-a-dee-dee-dee”!

I look forward to our walks and seeing the birds. Go for a walk when you get a chance and look for this little bird while you are out. It can certainly lift spirits on gloomy winter days. Below is a link to the sounds you will be listening for:

Happy bird watching!



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