Fuchsias in Watercolor

Sketching and painting this beauty was pure delight. The warm colors of summer brought this painting to life. I had two pots of fuchsias hanging on my front porch all summer. And oh how I hated to see them go. Till next year, a painting of these hanging in my office will have to suffice.

I painted two of these, one from De Masi’s tutorials and then found this reference photo on Wildlife Reference Photos. Photo courtesy of Ruth Archer and is available for purchase by clicking the link below.

Watercolors used were: Winsor & Newton paints in Permanent Rose, Sap Green, Scarlet Lake, Winsor Lemon, and Winsor Violet

Painted on 9 x 12 Hot Pressed 140 lb 100% cotton watercolor paper

Goodbye fuchsias till next summer!



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