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2020. It’s been the year for indoor and outdoor gardens. Succulents have seen a resurgence in popularity this year and the varieties are endless.

The above photo on the left is the reference photo for my watercolor painting on the right. It was taken by Kim Manseok and is available for free download on Pixabay. I will provide a link to the photo at the bottom of this post. The photo on the right is my watercolor version of it.

I have many succulents growing out in the garden, a few in pots that will winter over in the house. This little guy was given to my by my sweet neighbor. It sits on my desk and reminds me of how even the smallest of things can brighten a day.

The first succulent that I sketched and painted was from Louise De Masi’s watercolor course. It is one of my favorites of all the paintings that I have attempted. She has painting tutorials on Skillshare and Patreon. I have links to those sites on my Links page. My favorite part of the entire painting was the water droplets. I guess because I didn’t think I could create them.

Here it is completed:

The one thing I miss during the winter months is gardening. Subscription boxes are all the rage now, so I signed up for a 3 month succulent subscription box. It’s one of the cheap ones for around $10 a month, no frills and you need to buy your own pots. Soooo, now I need a bag of dirt and succulent pots. Next stop of the day…my local gardening center!

Happy winter gardening to all of us that like to get our hands a little dirty!


Had to come back to add this note. I ended up on Amazon looking around and saw this and yes, I ordered it and provided a link for you as well:

Link to succulent reference photo

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