Laundry Day on the Farm

My earliest memories are of the farm. This painting reminds me of Granny and laundry day. All 4’11” of her doing all the family laundry. It would hang on the lines out back to dry, coming back into the house smelling of sunshine and fresh air.

She would use a wash tub and a washboard. Heaven only knows how she got things so clean without the modern conveniences of life. There was no such thing as stain remover in a spray bottle back then. I looked online and you can still buy wash boards. But I think I will stick with my Maytag washer and dryer. I miss her though. I sometimes miss the quiet days of Indian summer on the farm, when all the crops are in, the cellars are full and there is a quiet lull right before winter. I am sure I would not miss it near as much though if I had to do all that laundry by hand!

I sketched and painted this 5 x 6.5 inch painting using a tutorial from Peter Sheeler. It is sketched with a Micron archival .005 black pen, then painted with watercolor.

Below is a link to his YouTube tutorial:

So, welcome to Monday! It’s laundry day on the farm and laundry day every day here.



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