Sun Conure

Bright, vibrant colors drew me to this beautiful bird. I sketched and painted my first one through a tutorial lesson given by Louise De Masi. (I have a link to her work in my links page). I wanted to sketch and paint another one so I went looking through these two websites: Wildlife Reference photos and Pixabay. I found this beautiful photo by Wendy Sinclair on Wildlife Reference Photos. Once I had paid for my download, I was ready to set to work. I will provide a link to the photo for anyone interested in purchasing their own download.

I painted this over the course of several days. I used Arches cold pressed 140-lb watercolor paper that comes in a watercolor block. I like the look and feel of cold pressed paper, but you can certainly use hot pressed paper if that is your preference. The size I used was 10 inches by 14 inches.

Painting this fellow was a joy. Mixing bright reds, oranges, greens and yellows takes me to a place of quiet. I lose track of time, the morning turning to afternoon in the blink of an eye. Often I set a timer for myself or I will paint the day away. When I have appointments at work, I look at the clock and think, Can I get in 15 minutes of painting? Sure I can!

Whether it’s painting, writing, sculpting, sewing or anything in between, I hope you have a few minutes today to do something that brings YOU joy.


Here are the links I promised:

Reference Photo used:

Arches Cold Pressed 140 lb / 300g Watercolor Block:

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