Jerusalem Artichoke

Neighborhood Strolls

My husband and I have lived in our little neighborhood for several years now. We liked it well enough, but it seems that before this year, we knew very little of our neighbors. And then COVID hit. We started walking every evening after supper, taking our camera and just going for a walk. This change in routine has brought us new friends. We have met people, met their pets and talked about our gardens. We feel more like a community now. It’s amazing how a few evening walks changes everything. We love our little village.

And the wonderful gardens we have discovered on our walks! We never knew what a Jerusalem Artichoke was until our neighbor told us about them. He has them growing in his garden, tall and delicately beautiful. Now that it’s autumn, their bright golden color stands out even more than when we first noticed them. He told us something else about them we didn’t know. He wasn’t growing them for their flowers, he was growing them for their tuberous roots which are edible. Who knew?!!! So you know where I went, straight to the google search engine.

I discovered that Native Americans were eating them long before the Europeans arrived. I found a recipe that might be worth trying. They look curiously like fried potatoes in this particular recipe There are many recipes available through a simple online search.

But for now, I just want to draw and paint these lovely flowers. I created my sketch with a Pigma Micron 005 Archival ink pen. I love these pens. I found my first set at Blick Art. You can find them at most art supply stores and also on Amazon through this link These pens dry nicely and will not smudge or run if you want to watercolor over them as I do. They are permanent though, no erasing, once the mark is down, it is down forever.

I found a nice photo of a single Jeruslaem artichoke flower on Pixabay. It is available for free download by the following photographer and can be found here

I hope you also get the chance to take a moment and enjoy the fall foliage. Travel has been limited for us all, but that’s ok. Just grab a camera, grab a friend or grab the dog, and walk the neighborhood where you live. Note the incredible beauty, right there in your own back yard.

Enjoy life and find beauty wherever YOU are.


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