Pencil to Paper

Maiden voyage of pencil to paper. I bought a Canson Universal sketch book and cheap graphite pencils at a local department store. Here is the result:

I know, impressive, right? So, I flipped the page and tried again. I was trying to follow a YouTube tutorial provided by Tom McPherson, Circle Line Art School: How to Draw Using 1-Point Perspective. Here is the second attempt, a bit better and now I have a page facing backwards in my sketchbook.

I was hooked though. I went on to do many more of Tom McPherson’s tutorials, and enrolled in his online drawing course for beginners. I learned so much from Tom including not only drawing in 1-point perspective, but 2-point perspective, shading, shadowing, optical illusions and landscapes. I wore out my pencils drawing a little every day.

He has a few video lessons using watercolor pencils. Once I started adding color to my sketches, I had to learn more. I had to know about the proper ways to add color and wanted to try my hand at watercolor, but more about that later.

Here are a few more sketches from Circle Line Art Schools YouTube channel that I finished.

To learn the basics of sketching, I recommend Tom’s tutorials. I provide links to his and many other tutorials on my links page. Once you start searching through YouTube, the list of talented folks out there teaching is endless. Find one that you like, grab a pencil, and get started!

For a simple set of sketching materials on average less than $30, check out this set of pencils and sketch pads:

Happy sketching!

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